Rey Mysterio Jr. Gives His First Interview Since the Tragic Death of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo

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Almost two months have passed since the the world of Mexican Lucha Libre was shaken by the terrible, tragic death of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. Aguayo was badly hurt during a wrestling event in Tijuana; he received a flying kick from Rey Mysterio Jr. that proved to be fatal, but no one in the ring seemed to realize it until the match ended a few minutes later. When medical care finally came, it was too late, and El Perrito died a few hours later in the hospital.

Rey Misterio Jr. has been struggling to cope with the incident ever since, and as the world of Lucha Libre continues, he’s given his first interview since the terrible episode. Speaking with Diario Reforma, Rey said “It’s been very difficult to continue with every day life, although I may have moments when I laugh or seem happy, it’s not a reflection of what I’m really feeling. There are ups and downs in life but when something as tough as this happens to you, it’s very hard to overcome.” He added, “Sometimes I’m just filled with sadness knowing that he is no longer here with us.”

“The Master of the 619” also found himself questioning whether he should continue his career in wrestling, noting that it was El Perrito’s family that encouraged him to keep going. “[His] family personally encouraged me to continue, which gave me the strength to stay in this sport.”

“I had to keep going,” said the former WWE star. “El Hijo del Perro would have liked me to continue with my career. We love to be part of this sport, we have to keep going for the fans; it gave me a lot of strength.”

Rey Mysterio will represent Mexico in the Lucha Libre World Cup next Saturday which brings togethers wrestlers from various parts of the world. He will be part of the so-called Dream Team, and if he wins, he stated he will dedicate the victory to El Perrito.