Ricardo Tuca Ferretti to Take Over El Tri Against U.S. in October

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Five years ago, Brazilian-Mexican manager Ricardo “El Tuca” Ferretti stated that he would rather be a barrendero than the head coach of the Mexican team.

Leaving classism aside, it was obvious that Ferretti, who has been managing Mexican clubs without interruption since 1991, had no interest in taking over a position that most Mexican coaches desired.

Managing Mexico “me da hueva,” he stated.

But apparently that has somewhat changed.
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Now, a source close to the FEMEXFUT has confirmed that Ricardo Ferretti will be taking over as El Tri’s head coach for an interim period of four games: three friendlies and the most important one against the United States, which will define the CONCACAF spot for the 2017 Confederations Cup.

Miguel Mejía Barón, the historic Mexican coach that was in charge of El Tri during the 1994 World Cup, will take over El Tuca’s position for Tigres, where the Brazilian-Mexican has stated he would like to retire.

It will be interesting to see how El Tri’s players, sometimes accused of being divas, will adapt to Tuca’s training sessions, which include a lot of scolding and yelling, and whether the Brazilian coach will be able to put the team in order.

Ferretti’s interim position could possibly be due to the fact that Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa is apparently open to taking over the Mexican national team, but only after December, in order to respect Marseille fans and not make them think he quit the French team so he could take over El Tri.

So the telenovela continues, and a lot of exciting happenings and changes will surely come in the remainder of the year.