Rio’s Olympics Nightmare Continues After Body Washes Up Near Beach Volleyball Site

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The situation in Rio de Janeiro continues to get worse ahead of the upcoming Olympics after a mutilated body was discovered on the shores of Copacabana Beach.

According to reports, the body parts were found Wednesday on the sands of the Rio de Janeiro beach just a short distance away from where the volleyball contests for the Olympics will be held. The identity has not been made public and police have not released any information regarding the details of the death. CNN reported police said the victim was a woman or young adult.

It hasn’t been a great build for the Olympics in Brazil, given the outbreak of the Zika virus, a rise in crime, and an economic recession at a time when many expected Brazil to be in an economic boom.

The Olympics will begin on August 5, but there has been a lot of controversy leading up the international sporting event, and this latest fiasco may have exposed the true state of Rio just a month before international athletes land in the country.

Basically: all signs point to the fact that the 2016 Rio Olympics will probably be a sh*t show.