Ronaldinho Compares His Magical Skills to Cristiano Ronaldo

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Looking for an outrageously epic battle between verdaderas superestrellas del fútbol mundial? Look no further – 35-year-old Fluminense forward/world-renowned soccer legend Ronaldinho has decided to compare his insane, magical, world-ending skills with the equally sensational technical prowess of Cristiano Ronaldo on his official Facebook page, sharing a video compilation of 15 incredible plays produced by both players. R10 vs. CR7. It’s sick. You simply cannot miss it.

Cristiano Ronaldo e eu! Lances inacreditáveis pra quem gosta de futebol!

Posted by Ronaldinho Gaúcho on Martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

The video is comprised of deft back passes (and no, I don’t mean assurance passes back to the defensive line, I’m talking about passes off their backs, sometimes even to themselves), trillions of consecutive scissors and stepovers, nutmegs, chilenas, maradonas in traffic – each play separated by a heart-melting image of the two shaking hands as opponents and friends. At a certain point, there’s no use in even attempting to describe the magic. I’ll say it again – you simply cannot miss it. It’s a must-see.

Fans have decided to take the podium (in the form of Facebook comments) to judge this contest of the greats. Check out some of their opinions below. How do you guys rate the two?