Ronaldinho Names the Greatest Player in the World, and It’s Not Messi or Ronaldo

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When Brazilian legend Ronaldinho has something to say, we stop and listen. The two-time FIFA World Player of the Year is the epitome of a crack, hero No. 1, the ruler of the jogo bonito. So when he described Neymar as a “phenomenon” in a recent Barça TV interview in Miami, we took note.

Not only does El Gaúcho think Neymar is the best Brazilian player in the world at the moment, he thinks he has what it takes to become the best player in the world, period. “He is the best Brazilian player in the world at the moment – it’s great to see him continue everything we have done before,” he stated. “It’s a joy to see another Brazilian making history.”

The prolific attacker – currently in the process of contemplating retirement – went on to say, “I think that he can [be the greatest in the world]. He’s a great player, a great friend, and I hope everything goes well for him.”

Neymar currently has 13 goals in 14 games across competitions, including this jaw-dropping strike for Barcelona over the weekend. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi should proceed cautiously, because the Barça man is gunning for their spots at the top.