Ronda Rousey’s SNL Promos Are Funnier Than SNL

Part-Venezuelan bruiser Ronda Rousey is coming in hot. Fresh off being voted one of our 2015 Villains of the Year, the former UFC bantamweight champ has been putting her comedic chops on full display in New York in preparation to host Saturday Night Live for the very first time this weekend.

Today we got a sneak peek at the action. Rousey is a total badass – hated and loved for her shit-talking prowess – so it’s only natural that her disposition toward trash talk shine through on the SNL stage.

“Don’t you love this view?” cast member Beck Bennett asks her. To which Rousey replies, “Yeah, isn’t it amazing to be able to look around and know for miles and miles that you can kick the ass of anyone down there in like 20 seconds?”

YES. Let’s go. Can’t wait.