Now You Can Own Vintage Replicas of Julio César Chávez’s Boxing Gear

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Julio César Chávez: the greatest Mexican fighter of all time, the man who garnered a sensational record of 107 wins, six losses, and two draws over the course of a career that spanned a quarter of a century. He was a six-time world champion, record holder for most title fights, most title fight victories, and most successful world title defenses.

In an effort to celebrate the legacy of El César del Boxeo, media and lifestyle brand Roots of Fight has launched a new apparel line in his honor, with graphics, colors, and styles replicating the ones the boxer used to wear back in the day. The label has worked with the likes of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee, but Chávez is the very first Latino boxer to feature, thanks in large part to fan requests.

Check out some images from the collection below, and purchase the clothes for yourself here!