Searching for “Gas Pimienta” in Google Maps Takes You to Boca Juniors Stadium

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Google Maps has had a rough week. This week, the app made headlines in the U.S. after a hack surfaced that brings up offensive search results of Washington D.C. maps. Users who type “n*gga house” into the search bar are inexplicably taken to The White House.

Now, following last week’s pepper spray attack at La Bombonera during the second leg of the Super Clásico match up, users searching Buenos Aires Google Maps for “Gas Pimienta” are taken to La Bombonera stadium.

The app also responds to terms such as “Soccer Violence” and “Subcampeonisimo” (which translates to something like Super 2nd place), taking you to Mexico’s Jalisco and Azul Stadiums respectively. As many of you may know, during the Quarterfinal play-off game between Chivas and Atlas last week, angry Atlas fans jumped onto the field to bitch out some players and Atlas coach Tomas Boy, which led to a violent confrontation between the fans and the police. Cruz Azul on the other hand, is the team that has lost the most finals in Mexican soccer history, holding the record at 10 subcampeonatos.





It’s unclear how these hacks happened. Until recently, users could suggest changes to Google Maps using the company’s own Map Maker software. But Google recently decided to suspend use of this software because of a growing number of attacks. The company has issued an apology for the racial slur incident and is actively investigating the hacks.