Six Ways Chicharito Can Triumph at Real Madrid

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1. Be the Usual Kid

Chicharito has been known for two things: his scoring abilities and for being a humble person. The latter is key for his success, as Real Madrid is a place full of temptation. He needs to stay away from fancy cars, weird hair cuts and salary raise controversies. A grounded Chicharito will free the pressure on him.

2. Score in the Right Moment

Chicharito might not be able to earn a spot in the starting lineup but his goals will be needed. Karim Benzema is a perfect pivot for CR7 and Gareth Bale, but the trio struggles when they cannot counterattack. Here is when Chicharito’s oportunismo comes to play. He will enter games in the final seconds to rescue points for Madrid, and Florentino Pérez will love him as much as Jorge Vergara did.

3. Learn From The Best

Training with Ronaldo, Bale, Kroos and Benzema shouldn’t be wasted. This is Chicharito’s chance to learn some dribbling and become a complete player. This is his present but could also be his future as a player.

4. Forget About Hugo Sánchez

CH14 isn’t the new Mexican Pentapichichi. No. He is Chicharito, the luckiest man on Earth. “I am Chicharito and want to write my own story at Real Madrid,” must be part of his media rhetoric. Even if he hits a scoring roll he should keep it real and low profile.

5. Love That Bench

aka don’t make this face on the bench…

When coach Carlo Ancelotti turns around in search of a substitution, Chicharito should be one big smile. He should be thankful for being there because he barely played for Manchester United in the past two seasons. That is pure luck, a Virgen de Guadalupe milagro. He shouldn’t mind being a super sub for the Merengues. Bernabéu’s bench will feel as a second home.

6. Stop Praying On The Field

Chicharito’s rise to stardom can be explain as divine intervention, but the open-arms-knee-praying ritual before games has to stop. In Real Madrid the field gets blessed with class. This is a club where gods actually play so shake hands and score goals instead.