Soccer Butt Stuff Strikes Again in Luis Caicedo Incident

A butt fingering incident in a soccer match strikes again, reminding us of the Jara-Cavani episode this past summer and getting us all nostalgic for Copa América in Chile. This time it happened during a league match in Ecuador.

Emelec player Luis Caicedo got extra friendly with Independiente Del Valle’s Leonardo Rolón. The Argentine player responded to the unwanted caresses with a shove that got him a yellow card, while Caicedo got to play the victim, until the video came out. Although Gonzalo Jara’s punishment for the Copa América incident wasn’t too harsh (since he seemed to get a first-time offense kinda break), this might go quite differently for Caicedo, as the Ecuadorian Discipline Commission is looking into the incident closely and might try to make an example out of him.

And they should. We all like drama and laughing at other people’s poor judgment, but perhaps this has gone too far. South American soccer is known to be tough, frisky, and dirty, but these kind of episodes should have soccer officials very unhappy, even if fans love the spectacle.