This Pitch-Invading Puppy Is Our New Favorite Soccer Player of All Time

Lead Photo: Photo: Thomas Streiff / EyeEm
Photo: Thomas Streiff / EyeEm
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Pelé. Maradona. Messi. Ronaldo. When the conversation turns to the best players in soccer history, those are the names we tend to think about. However, thanks to a viral clip coming out of Argentina on Monday, there’s a new contender, and for what it’s worth, he’s got our vote.

Yes, that’s an adorable puppy running on to the field and displaying some shockingly good ball control and energy. The little guy interrupted a match between Argentina Primera División clubs San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandi, but it looks like no one really minded.

Two Arsenal players attempted to direct the dog away from the field of play, but alas, he is committed to his craft and followed the ball all over. It was only when a second ball appeared that he was distracted enough to be shepherded off the field so that the match would continue. For what it’s worth, San Lorenzo scored a narrow 1-0 win, it’s first W of the season; Arsenal de Sarandi, on the other hand, continued its freefall, as they currently sit in last place in the Primera División. As a result of the win, some San Lorenzo players reportedly wanted to keep their new spiritual mascot.

After the match, reporters caught up with the puppy, and honestly, for as good as his dribbling was on the field, his composure off the field will be the stuff of legends. First barking in answer to one of the reporter’s questions, the puppy then took matters into his own paws, gnawing happily on the microphone; it’s not the most quotable answer a player will ever give, but hey. When you’re a star, you do what you want.