Sochi Olympics Will See a Mexican Mariachi Prince on Skis

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Twitter: @Stefadook

A prince, a pop star and an Mexican skier walk into a bar. No–this is not a joke, but the many aliases of the Mexican Alpine skier on his way to his 6th Winter Olympics. Known on Sundays as Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, on the Austrian pop charts as Andy Himalaya or Royal Disaster and to his mama as Little Hubertus, the German royal descendant is best known for his illustrious, quite fabulous ski gear. See him below at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

“The inspiration was to be like a Mexican desperado who had all the ammunition, all the guns, all the dynamite to kill the hill.” – Honhenlohe

This year, Hohenlohe is going the extra mile by rocking a traditional Mariachi tuxedo–boleros and all, celebrating and perhaps even educating Europe on Mexican culture.

Having founded the Mexican Ski Federation in 1981, Hohenlohe was born in Mexico City, raised in Spain and Austria, and despite having strong Spanish ties, says he feels more “Latino” than anything else. The last time it snowed in Mexico may have been in 1967, and Mexico’s Alpine Ski team’s chances at a medal might be slim-to-none, but at least the eccentric Prince will be losing in style.

Disclaimer: I’d actually wear this.