Spain’s Underdog Team Rayo Vallecano Put Out a Rainbow Pride Jersey

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Rayo Vallecano scored a goal today and Spain’s La Liga season hasn’t even started.

The underdog team from the outskirts of Madrid just debuted their 2015/2016 season uniforms and one of them sports a diagonal rainbow stripe – a colorful sash, if you will. The uniform is part of their “Anonymous Heroes” campaign, which seeks to support different social causes.

Although the rainbow flag is associated with the LGBT movement, Rayo Vallecano stated that each color in the rainbow represents a different social cause. Green is for environmental activism, orange for the disability rights movement, red for those who fight against cancer, and violet for those who fight against sexual orientation discrimination.

A portion of the proceeds from each jersey sale – Seven euro (almost $8 dollars) to be exact – will be donated to each of the social causes represented in the rainbow.

Rayo Vallecano finished in 11th place in la Liga last season, only six points away from the European tournaments. We’re not sure how they’ll fare this season, but at least they’ll look good.