Former NBA MVP Steve Nash Set to Pull RCD Mallorca Out of Its Funk

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Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash – the basketball legend we’ve always dreamed of seeing on the soccer pitch – has increased his pull on the global soccer world after teaming up with Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and Liga ACQ Legacy Partners ownership group to buy Spanish club RCD Mallorca.

Nash grew up in a soccer household. He watches, follows, and plays the beautiful game on daily basis (he’s that dude we’ll no doubt always imagine on our hypothetical all-star athlete rec league squads). He’s even participated in training with the likes of Inter Milan.

Mallorca faithful should hope that the 5-time NBA assist leader can facilitate a similar boost in soccer morale for the island region. The club was relegated last year after 16 consecutive years in the Spanish top flight amid controversy and financial woes (most recently declaring bankruptcy in 2010). The side currently sits 18th in the 22-team Segunda División table with an overall record of 4-8-7, but careful planning and substantial cash flow could see its fortunes flipped.

Nash and company bought the team for roughly $21 million. According to Marca, the star will play a role in the club’s day-to-day happenings.