Swiss Finally Open Criminal Case Against FIFA President. #ByeSepp

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The Swiss attorney general (OAG) has opened criminal proceedings against the President of FIFA, Joseph Blatter. Fuck yes.

According to the official news release, criminal proceedings were opened yesterday on “suspicion of criminal mismanagement and – alternatively – misappropriation.” The OAG is suspicious of a contract from September 2005 between former Caribbean Football Union President Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter, as well as violations of Blatter’s fiduciary duties and acts against the interests of FIFA.

Sepp, it looks like your time might finally be running out. There’s nowhere to hide when it’s your own country who’s after you. ?

The bossman’s house and office were searched earlier today and his data was seized – the majority of which will surely prove to be useless, as I have to imagine that Blatter’s ring of power was at least prepared enough to ensure that important and corrupt documents were not easily accessible to random passersby and Swiss police. Blatter himself was interrogated by OAG representatives following a FIFA Executive Committee meeting as well. LET’S GO.

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