This Tecate Ad Reimagines Noah’s Ark With Maradona As God

It’s not exactly the futbol version of Field Of Dreams, but it’s close enough! In a new ad from Tecate, Diego Maradona is transformed into DieGOD Maradona, white suit and all, and instructs Norberto Echeverri aka Noé aka Noah to build a stadium to save football, which is in shambles for unknown reasons.

“Al futbol,” Maradios tells Noé, “solo puede salvar el amor al futbol.”

And so he begins to construct a field and stadium alone, but he quickly receives help from some familiar faces. Real Madrid’s Pepé, who unrealistically doesn’t foul a single human being, Keylor Navas, and Toni Kroos along with Alex Sandro and a few other cats from Juventus flex their arms along with their feet and legs to build a large stadium and field.

Soon enough, fans, players, and officials begin to arrive in pairs. A huge storm breaks out, Maradios scores sans mano de Dios and futbol has been saved from…well, who knows? The ad is never clear on the villain. Let’s just say it’s FIFA and get on with it.