Is Tecatito Corona As Good as Neymar? Juan Carlos Osorio Thinks So

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Warning! Polemic phrase of the day coming your way: “Jesús [Corona] está a la altura de Neymar.”

So Porto’s 23-year-old Mexican international starlet is on par with Neymar in terms of his fútbol skills? Or perhaps his actual physical height might be a more accurate comparison? Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio’s bold statement definitely had some fans wondering…

“Brazil has Neymar, we have Jesús,” Osorio went on to say. “So we can compete with them.”

Okay, clase de locura or legitimate hot take? Clearly this is an exaggeration on JCO’s behalf, but we’d be lying if we said that Tecatito hadn’t been on fire as of late. 2016 is going to be a big year for Mexican soccer, and there’s no doubt that team success will rely heavily on Tecatito’s prowess.

Corona can be employed in a number of different positions on the pitch in a fluid, ever-changing JCO lineup – attacking midfielder, winger, and wide forward – and he featured in both the Gold Cup and Copa América last summer. He even netted an epic game-winning strike in El Tri’s historic win over Honduras in November. This year, Copa América Centenario calls.

If Mexico wishes to compete with the likes of Brazil and Argentina, “países potencias en el continente americano” (as it can and should, according to JCO), TecaDios will need to play a big role. As big as Neymar’s? That we’re not so sure about. Doesn’t mean we don’t love the young crack all the same.