The Jogo Bonito is Back: Brazil Just Schooled the U.S.

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“Everybody can look at themselves in the mirror and say this was shit. We know we’ve got to do a lot better than this.” Yep, Alejandro Bedoya just about summed it up with that quote. The U.S. lost to Brazil in pretty catastrophic fashion last night, suffering through a 4-1 defeat at Gillette Stadium.

Hulk got the goleada started with this ninth-minute strike, which incites innumerable questions as to what Jürgen Klinsmann could have possibly been thinking when he decided to experiment with his defensive line.

Then Geoff Cameron, playing out wide instead of in his preferred position in the middle of the defense, conceded a penalty in the early goings of the second half, which Neymar slotted home with ease.

The Michael Orozco-Ventura Alvarado partnership that saw its debut held up for a bit, but it too proved to be pretty disastrous, with unfortunate mispositioning leading to a third goal from Rafinha.

The Canarinho added a fourth and final blast to their tally three minutes later. A goalkeeper and four defenders weren’t enough to keep Neymar’s finesse shot from entering the goal. The Barca man was a phenom, just doing what he does best.

In an exceptional attempt to salvage some pride, substitute Daniel Williams blasted this long-range shot home in the 91st. Too little too late.

For the U.S., this defeat presents a lot of issues for Klinsmann and co. to sort out ahead of their October 10 matchup vs. Mexico. Despite the defensive implosion and lackluster veteran midfield, the squad is trying to keep a level head. “We didn’t think we were the best team in the world when we beat Netherlands and Germany in the friendlies in June, and we don’t think we’re the worst team in the world right now,” said Michael Bradley. But when asked where he’d rank this defeat in the Klinsmann era, Ian Darke said it was “certainly one of the worst.”