The Latinternet Turns on Iker Casillas

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Tuiter — or as some call it, “Spanish Twitter” — is relentless. You can win all the trophies you want: one fuck up and you become a meme. Six fuck ups and you get buried under a pile of shit.

Iker Casillas has been Real Madrid’s titular goalkeeper (for the most part) for over fifteen years. That’s a long time, almost as long as he’s stood in the goal box of Spain’s national team. His resume boasts five leagues, 3 Champions Leagues, two European Championships and the World Cup. NBD.

But the same people who yesterday mounted shrines to Paco Memo Ochoa, a goalkeeper with funny hair who saved the Mexican national team from a loss to Brazil, today sharpened their knives against poor Casillas, who is considered a main culprit in Spain’s elimination from this World Cup.