The Mets Defeat the Dodgers in Game 5, and the Twitter Trash Talk Was OD

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The New York Mets are working hard to end their championship drought. They are approaching the 30th anniversary of their last World Series title (1986), and after last night’s win over the L.A. Dodgers in the 5th game of the Division Series, they are closer to becoming champions than they have been in a long time.

A lot of praise has gone Daniel Murphy’s way, but his Dominican teammate Jeurys Familia deserves some shine. His ability to close meant that the Mets’ fans were able to celebrate in great fashion on the Dodger’s turf, the Dodger’s Stadium.

Naturally, fans gleefully reacted on social media.

But the good stuff came actually came from the disappointed Dodger’s fans – a team that hasn’t been able to win a World Series title in recent years  – and those who clowned them.

And this one dude who is a little jealous.

The next step for the Mets won’t be easy, as they will be facing the Chicago Cubs, a team they had a 0-7 record against this season, for the League Championship Series (last stage before the World Series).