The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Planning a Trip to Mexico

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Good news has just been announced for NFL fans: the Pittsburgh Steelers are negotiating a trip to Mexico. It won’t be for some nice preseason training vacation filled with piña coladas in Cancún or Cabo, but for an official 2016 regular season game.

This would be the first NFL game to be played in the country since 2005, which has hosted a total of eight games (seven exhibitions and one regular season game).

If the game does happen, the NFL would be joining the MLB and UFC in the list of American sports organizations that have recently looked south of the border as a way to further expand their business and profits.

The NFL has a long history of playing games outside the U.S. The list of countries that have hosted these games includes Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

So let’s just hope the ninth NFL game in Mexico becomes official, and it can join the other eight great games that have happened in that country.