The Raider Nation Might Be Heading to San Antonio

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In the aftermath of the 30-2 vote by NFL owners in favor of bringing the Rams back to Los Angeles, 88-year-old millionaire Red McCombs has offered the Raiders a new place to call home, should they decide to leave Oakland: San Antonio.

In an interview with ESPN San Antonio radio, McCombs said that he spoke with Raiders owner Mark Davis – who actually owns land in San Antonio – regarding building a new stadium for the (currently) homeless team. According to him, San Antonio has “several locations that would work,” in addition to committed corporate sponsors.

“He was born and raised there, and he has great feelings for the state of California, but it appears he is going to need to go somewhere,” McCombs said. Hey, he’s even willing to dish out his own millions and make a personal investment in moving the team to Texas. “We would be happy to be investors if that’s what he wants. We have investors lined up if that’s what he wants. If he wants to keep it all to himself, that’s OK too.”

Is this all just part of an evil plot to lure the team into his welcoming arms? It’s tough to see fanbases lose the franchises they love to follow, and this would be a big jump across the country. Perhaps San Diego would be a better option if a move is necessary, barring the Chargers’ decision to join the Rams in L.A., of course.