Mexican Twitter Goes In With Theories on #PorqueMexicoNoGanaMedallas

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In a high-stakes competition like the Olympics, every little factor matters. Synchronized diving – where precision and timing are crucial – requires athletes’ undivided attention. That’s why Jahir Ocampo and Rommel Pacheco, divers representing Mexico in the Synchronized 3M Springboard event, felt they deserved a second chance after a light distracted them just as they prepared to dive. “We were on the trampoline and when we started walking lights came on above the trampoline, so the dive went poorly,” Ocampo said, according to ESPN. “Automatically, when I hit the water, I raised my hand to make the judges aware and that’s what we told them.”

The two divers, under the impression that judges had okayed a redo, climbed up to the platform once again and waited for a cue. But it never came, and the initial score didn’t change. Pacheco and Ocampo placed fifth, with a total score of 405.30. The duo ended up behind Germany, which scored 410.10.

“The judges could have admitted they committed a mistake, but that wouldn’t have changed anything,” Pacheco told BBC Mundo. “I can’t blame the light or anything else. The truth is, there are always factors that are present and the circumstances are the same for all of us. I would have liked to do well. I would have liked a do-over, but the truth is, that these things happen and you have to live with it.”

The incident became a Twitter moment in Mexico, but it’s Mexico’s general lack of medals at the Rio Games is what people are really focused on. In 2012, Mexico took home seven medal. Today, for at least five hours, Tuiter has been contributing to the #PorqueMexicoNoGanaMedallas hashtag. While some point to a lack of government investment in sports, others took a more comedic route. Check out a few reasons below:

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