There’s No Crying in Baseball: The Rumor that Led Wilmer Flores to Break the Rule

Last night, the baseball world experienced a confusing and sad moment when NY Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores began crying on the baseball pitch.

Venezuelan Wilmer Flores arrived to the NY Mets in 2007, at the age of 16. But last night during a game against the San Diego Padres, rumors began spreading on social medial that his time on his first and only professional team was coming to an end. As Twitter blew up with speculation that Flores would be traded over to the Milwaukee Brewers, the news made it to the fans and Flores himself while the game was going on.

Although this often happens in baseball (trading players while they’re playing), players are usually immediately pulled off the field. Wilmer wasn’t; he kept playing and received a standing ovation from the fans, which made him shed a few tears. The whole thing was pretty moving.

But as it turned out, the NY Mets manager later stated that social media got ahead of the game, and that the trade had not been confirmed. “During the game I heard about I was getting traded,” Flores told the media after the game. “I got emotional and when I came in they told me I was not traded.”