There’s Now a Giant Mural of Messi at His Former Elementary School

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The children of Escuela General Las Heras N°66 de Rosario are probably going to get sick of Lionel Messi‘s face by the time they graduate. Brazilian artist Pablo Consentino has drawn an almost 131-square-foot portrait of Messi at his former elementary school, according to Clarin. In the portrait, the futbolero is wearing an Argentina jersey and striking a celebratory pose. Just in case future generations are confused about who Messi is, his name is also displayed below his image, though that’s unlikely to happen. Principal Sandra Díaz says the mural is supposed to inspire the students. “Our students will be able to see that with respect for a craft, effort, and dedication, they can go very far,” she said.

Check out the mural below:

(via Clarin)