These Are the Kinds of Goleadas Chivas Needs to Make a Comeback in El Clásico

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El Clásico mexicano between América and Chivas will be played this Saturday. Chivas and América have played a total of 218 times against each other; América has 78 wins, while Guadalajara has 71 wins and 69 ties.

Although the stats are pretty even, both teams are not, which makes many think América might rewrite the history books with a historic goleada against one of the weakest Chivas lineups we have seen in a long time. Chivas, which consists solely of Mexican players, is pretty much a devalued peso against the current all-mighty dollar of millionaire team América.

The teams come to the game in very different circumstances. América is fighting for the Liderato General and is FIFA Club World Cup bound, while Chivas is fighting against relegation in what has become known on social media as La Gira del Adios (Goodbye Tour).

So if the experts are correct, we will be seeing another historic goleada written into the stat books of this Clásico, the first of which was played in 1926.

In order to add some hype to the game, which many say has been declining in the last few years, we present you with two of the biggest goleadas between the teams.

1996: Chivas 5-0 América

It was a duel between Ricardo “El Tuca” Ferretti vs. Ricardo La Volpe, and just like the battle for a spot as Mexico’s national team manager, El Tuca won. Well-remembered Chivas and El Tri player Ramón Ramírez opened a score that ended 5-0. Who was the unlucky América goalie that received the five goals? Oswaldo Sánchez. But wait, wasn’t he a historic goalie for the Rebaño? Well, before he became a Chiva, he played three seasons for América, and this 5-0 game was his first Clásico.

2014: America 4-0 Chivas

It’s no secret that Chivas hasn’t been doing so well in their most recent campaigns; after all, falling into the tentacles of relegation is not easy in the Liga MX, which typically protects big teams from such hardships. América, on the other hand, are currently very creciditos, which adds fire to their Ódiame Más slogan. How crecidos are they? So much so that during the 2014 campaign they went Real Madrid-style and fired Antonio Mohamed after taking first in the Liderato General and winning the Apertura 2014 championship. Apparently, Mohamed and América President Ricardo Peláez didn’t get along, but if you fire a coach that just did what most coaches in Mexico never do, you must really think you’re hot shit.

Well in this hot-shit fever, América defeated Chivas 4-0 just a year and a half ago, humiliating an already shameful team.