This Crazy Goal Is Why Barcelona Didn’t Win Today

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Roma midfielder Alessandro Florenzi hammered the ball into the net during the first game of the E Group stage of the Champions League today, meaning he’s the reason Barcelona (and Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suárez) did not win.

The match just finished at 1-1, with Suárez scoring the first goal of the game. Goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen, who shares the position at Barcelona with Chilean Claudio Bravo, had the misfortune of trying to stop this gravity-defying goal.

On the bright side, this was Barcelona’s toughest game in the group stage. Not only did they get it out of the way, they also came out with a point, which is more than most of the English teams can say after the first round of fixtures. Arsenal, Manchester United, and Manchester City all lost.

We can’t be too mad at Florenzi, though. He once celebrated a goal by hugging his grandma.