Here’s a First Look at Netflix’s Highly-Anticipated ‘Pelé’ Documentary

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Even if you don’t know the game of fútbol, the name Pelé is probably one you’ve heard around sports fans if someone ever brings up the best players to ever take the field.

If you want a compelling overview of Pelé’s life and career, Netflix will soon be releasing a new original documentary on the Brazilian footballer, aptly titled Pelé. The trailer for the film was released online Thursday (Feb. 4).

Pelé looks back at the career of the only player to ever win three World Cup titles, including his team’s historic win against Italy in the 1970 FIFA game in Mexico City, which is considered by many in the sports world as one of the most impactful games ever.

The doc also chronicles Pelé’s life and career through interviews with family members, journalists, artists and others who watched Pelé rise to fame—from a young star to the “King of Football.”

“It’s not that Pelé made the difference,” a voice says in the trailer. “Pelé was the difference.”

During the trailer, one interviewee explains how Pelé “emerged at the moment of Brazil’s birth as a modern country.” Brazil, however, soon found itself governed by a military dictatorship. As Brazil’s favorite son, people turned to him for direction.

“I was always sought out to take sides,” says Pelé, who is now 80. “I think the biggest gift you receive in victory isn’t’ the trophy, it’s the relief.”

Pelé premieres on Netflix Feb. 23.