Cue the salt from the United States soccer contingent. After the USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup, Honduras–who trumped the US via a wild win over Mexico on the last matchday of CONCACAF qualifying–was supposed to beat Australia to mantain the region’s four World Cup participants. After a two-leg playoff against the Aussies, however, the Catrachos are left wondering the same thing as the US: what happened?

After a listless draw in San Pedro Sula on November 10, Honduras had the Herculean task of crossing the Pacific and taking at least a scoring draw from the Socceroos. Unfortunately, Australia did not mess around, putting away Honduras with a 3-1 win that was never even as close as that; the Catrachos scored in the 90th minute, already down by 3 goals.

Of course, Twitter, being the reasonable place it is, immediately went off with jokes and insults at the Honduran team’s expense, while also question how in the world the US finished behind a team of that quality. The rational answer–that the US has just as many issues as Honduras, if not more–isn’t as fun as getting those tweets off, though, so we collected the most incredulous and mocking 140-character missives from Wednesday morning.