US Soccer and Michael Bradley Hype Up the Mexico vs. US Game with Melodramatic Posts

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October is just around the corner, and although that means most of us are sad summer is coming to an end, it’s also good news for soccer fans, as rivalries are now going head-to-head. The Euro Cup qualifiers intensify, the Champions League begins to shape up, and the South American Qualifiers begin. For those of us in North America, it means one particularly important thing: 2013 Gold Cup winner U.S. vs. 2015 Gold Cup winner Mexico. October 10, 2015. Rose Bowl, Los Angeles. U.S. player Michael Bradley put in his two cents to hype up an already highly-anticipated game:

With less than two weeks left leading up to the game that will determine who will play the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia, the U.S. soccer team released an emotional video highlighting some of the most thrilling and tense moments from U.S. vs. Mexico matches over the years. If you recognize any of the moments in the clip, it will definitely get you hype.

And then there’s Bradley, who decided to take the competition up a notch by posting a photo of himself head-to-head with fan favorite Chicharito. A score of 2-0 is also written on the picture, which makes it even more painful for Mexicans, as it’s one they’ve been losing to over last 15 years.

And it’s especially hurtful, since it recalls this defeat:

But it’s not all bad memories for Mexican fans. They can always remember the exciting 2011 Gold Cup Final and relive what is most definitely Giovani Dos Santos’ best goal.

The upcoming game between Mexico and the United States is the most decisive they’ve had since that 2011 Gold Cup Final, so the match will undoubtedly be a memorable one in this well-established and complex rivalry.

So go to the stadium, get together with friends, go to your local movie theater, or simply watch it in the comfort of your home – but definitely don’t miss it. The rivalry is alive and well.