Venezuela’s Seijas Clowned After Taking One of the Worst Panenka Penalties Ever Against Argentina

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Panenka penalty kicks – which are softly lofted shots placed right down the middle as the goalie dives in either direction – are the coolest way to score from the spot. But when the goalie doesn’t dive, the kick taker kind of ends up looking like an ass.

During Venezuela’s match against Argentina in the Copa América Centenario, Luis Manuel Seijas thought he could get one over on Sergio “Chiquito” Romero. But Romero saw it coming and just stood there and gratefully caught the shot. Yes, Seijas would have looked awesome had it worked, but that’s a tough risk to take when down 2-0 in the quarterfinal of a tournament.

Turns out, Seijas has a bit of a history with the Panenka and the coaching staff had Romero well-prepared.

The technique is named for Czechoslovakian player Antonín Panenka and has been used successfully by players like Andrea Pirlo, Sebastián “Loco” Abreu, and even Messi himself:

At least Seijas won’t be alone in his shame, because Argentina’s second goal came from an awful mistake.

Venezuela will regret the first half as they largely held their own, but still ended up with a two-goal deficit. Unfortunately, they gifted Argentina one goal, goofed on this penalty, and lucked out of giving away a penalty because of a poor decision by the referee.

Panenka, Seijas, and Romero are currently trending on Twitter, and it’s not looking good for your man Seijas:

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