Watch Lionel Messi Juggle Foot Bubbles in This Bizarre Commercial

This commercial starts off in pretty normal, epic Lionel Messi fashion. “Have you got what it takes to take on the greatest? Step up with…Leo Messi Foot Bubbles!”

Wait, what? I can juggle bubbles like Messi? Someone please explain.

In instantly classic Messi commercial fashion, a light bulb lit up out of nowhere in the heads of his marketing crew, who – for some reason or another – found themselves enthralled by the idea of collaborating with Australian company Funtastic to promote an incredibly strange product that combines socks and extra-resistant bubbles.

What’s funny is that this partnership isn’t surprising in the slightest, as Messi is known for having a plethora of weird advertising deals, from clothing to cosmetics to airlines. What better way to celebrate what will most likely transform into a wildly fruitful partnership for both sides than with a compilation of some of Messi’s best commercial appearances? I’ll even throw in a couple of extra videos that you may have somehow missed.