Watch This Video of 3,000 Argentina Fans Trolling Brazilians in Rio

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Photo: Reuters

The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is news to no one. That their animosity spills over into the football pitch is, again, news to none. As a matter of fact, it might be that whatever happens on the football fields is what’s keeping the feud alive.

Now, with the World Cup in Brazil, Argentines have flooded the country and they have come up with a charming way of letting Brazilians know that they have arrived.

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The lines about Maradona and El Cani reference another World Cup, the 1990 tournament in Italy, where the two teams met in the round of 16. The game was tough and embattled. Brazil was as unlucky and imprecise as they could be, and it was the Maradona -Claudio Paul Caniggia combo that decided the game in favor of Argentina. The game was so good, it’s worth revisiting:

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