We Rank the Latino Commercials of World Cup 2014

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A time for highlight reels and exclusive interviews, the World Cup is also a time for TV commercials. Much like the Superbowl, ad people prepare some of their best material for this season. Sports brands are all over this, hoping to entice enough eyeballs into buying their latest footwear or clothing line.

There is, however, a slightly different type of commercial: the rousing ad. The ad whose purpose is obviously to position some corporate sponsor or other in the mind of consumers, while stirring fans into a frenzy of nationalistic fever. After watching one, you feel a bit compelled — not without shame — to let loose a few “¡Sí se puedes!”

Latin American nations competing in Brazil have showcased a few of these fervor-stirring ads that work well. The question is, which country is doing it best? In our opinion, these are the top three (so far):


[insert-video youtube=HeqfUq1KwGM]

The mothers of Argentine players tell some stories about their sons as little kids. Oh, so touching.


[insert-video youtube=tmLmWiqSVS8]

The famous Chilean miners, standing on the same place they were rescued from, shouting that they do not fear the group of death because they have already cheated death… powerful stuff.


[insert-video youtube=HSqlz18SjcE]

Perhaps the best of them all, the Uruguayan ad portrays football fandom at its truest: feverish, almost zombielike.

A bonus:

Uruguayans torn between Pride and Humility:

[insert-video youtube=yjVxz4OXp6E]

Seen another one that does it best? Send it our way, in the comments!