World Cup Round Up: How is Latin America Doing So Far?

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Photo: Sergio Perez/Reuters

Every Latin American country has played its first game in this World Cup. Despite all apprehensions, things look pretty good actually:

  • 7 wins (one of those was a win over a fellow LatAm country).
  • No draws.
  • 3 losses (one of those was a loss inflicted by a fellow LatAm country).

Of the three losses, only Honduras thrashing against France was a lopsided match that was actually difficult to watch. (Actually, the only thing of note about the game was that it gave FIFA the opportunity to showcase its latest “goalline technology” on the second goal. After reviewing the play, it was determined that the ball had in fact been helped across the line by the Honduran keeper Valladares).

The other two games, however, were surprising late stunners.

First, Costa Rica’s unfathomable beating of one of the perennial candidates for “dark horse” of the tournament, Uruguay. Few could have imagined that the Central American nation of 4.8 million people would defeat the Uruguayan team –they total 3.3 million people. Without Luis Suarez in the game, Premier League’s douchebag-in-residence and one of the best strikers in the world, the Celeste was stunned by a well organized and effective Costa Rican side. Suarez was not amused.

The other loss is actually heartbreaking. A truly sad outcome for an Ecuadorian team that seemed on pace to earn a point in a tie against no-pushover Switzerland. In added time, however, when they were pushing for the win in a final attack, everything backfired. It is worth seeing again. In three passes, the Swiss effectively drained all joy out of the Ecuadorians’ heart.

Also, this happened:

The upcoming round features some impressive matches:

Mexico against Brazil
Chile against Spain
Italy against Costa Rica
England against Uruguay

Many of the teams might be clinching their next round appearance; so be wise in using your call-in-sick card.