Wrestler Luz Vazquez Stripped of PanAm Games Bronze Medal After Doping

Lead Photo: LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
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Wrestler Luz Vazquez was one of the kick-ass women dominating at the Juegos Panamericanos in Toronto, but after testing positive for GW501516 – a drug that enhances performance in athletes but comes with a high risk of cancer – she is now an embarrassment to the Argentine wrestling federation. The 26-year-old wrestler was stripped of her bronze medal, and she has spoken out about the doping scandal. “I don’t know much about the substance in question, I just fell for the recommendation of the wrong people,” she said in a statement. “It was when I was going through one of the worst moments of my career and my future was not very certain, it was an act of desperation. It was an act of ignorance…”

Though we can’t say she made the smartest choice by not learning more about a drug that’s very dangerous (girl, that’s cancerous!) or by cheating, it seems her apology was at the very least sincere. Vazquez tried to own up to it and apologized for tarnishing her country’s reputation in sports.