This Tejana GEICO Employee Moonlights as a Pro Wrestler

Lead Photo: Photo by Ulé Barcelos / EyeEm.
Photo by Ulé Barcelos / EyeEm.
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Finding a career in any professional sport is difficult, as a combination of hard work and financial investment is needed to make it to the big time. For professional wrestlers, this is especially true: going to wrestling school isn’t cheap, and not everyone has the dedication needed to work the long road towards to the WWE. For Hyaneyoung Olvera, a taste of wrestling’s biggest stage wasn’t enough: after appearing on an episode of RAW as a sacrificial lamb for Women’s Division powerhouse Nia Jax, the young Texas wrestler is now working towards a long-term role in the big leagues of professional grappling.

Bleacher Report has an excellent profile of the wrestler known as Hyan, who funds her dream by working a day job with GEICO. And what a taxing dream it is, on her body, her pockets, and her car. The part-Mexican, part-Dominican wrestler routinely drives over an hour from Katy, Texas–where her day job is located–to Texas City, where she trains at WWE legend Booker T’s World Gym Arena.

The grind is worth it to her, she’s come to understand that it’s part of the process. “I used to complain about it when we first moved down here (from Clear Lake to Texas City). Then I read Daniel Bryan’s book, and he talks about Brian Kendrick driving from to San Marcos to San Antonio to train with Shawn Michaels,” Hyan said. “I really can’t complain. It could be a lot worse.”

Not all is peachy however, Hyan has some limits on what she can do because of her responsibilities at work. Working 4 10-hour shifts a week can really wear on the time she has to dedicate to her wrestling ambition. “Wrestling is obviously my dream. It’s hard giving it everything I have sometimes. Or having to sacrifice wrestling for work,” she said. “I can’t really do Sunday shows. Or do Friday shows like other people can.”

Learning from a legend has helped ease her process; Booker T has been a staple in wrestling for 20-plus years. “She’s in a better position from a mental perspective knowing it’s not going to be easy, not going to be all fun and games all the time. And there’s going to be a lot of work,” said the wrestling legend to Bleacher Report.

Hyan’s hard work seems to be paying off: in February, WWE invited her for a tryout at its Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

With many prospects present at the tryout, both wrestlers and ex-models, Hyan stood out from the pack, which made her realize she has a legit chance to make it in the industry. “I’ve grown. I’ve gotten a lot better than where I was. I’m confident in my abilities. I feel like I can hold my own with anybody, regardless of who they are.”

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