The LA Rams Worked With a Xicana Muralist to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month the Right Way

Lead Photo: LA-based xicana muralist Kristy Sandoval. Photo courtesy of Arenas Group.
LA-based xicana muralist Kristy Sandoval. Photo courtesy of Arenas Group.
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Xicana muralist Kristy Sandoval normally focuses her work on themes of social justice advocacy, female empowerment, and community building. To that last point, the San Fernando Valley-based artist is teaming up with an unlikely collaborator in order to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.

Photo courtesy of Arenas Group.
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As part of the “Mi Cuidad, Mi Equipo, Mis Rams” campaign, the Rams are requesting that fans send them art that reflects what it means to be part of the Los Angeles community, as well as passion for the team itself. The team–which just moved back to LA last year after a 22-year absence while in St. Louis–will narrow down the submissions to 4 finalists, which will be voted on by fans of the team in late August.

The winning piece of Rams-inspired, LA-born art will get its creator a VIP experience at the Rams Hispanic Heritage Game on September 17, as part of the team’s month-long celebration National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). As part of the campaign, they also commissioned Mexican-American LA graffiti/tattoo artist MISTER CARTOON to kick off the contest by adding his own touch to the Rams’ helmet; the design will be unveiled when voting begins later this month.

Sandoval sees her role as a spokesperson for the campaign as a way to help unite the city through the intertwining of art and sport: “Creating art for a football team was different in that I was able to focus on celebrating Los Angeles culture and the way sports have a way of bringing people together,” she said in an email to Remezcla.

She continued on with her hopes for the #MisRams campaign, which she hopes will show the “unique blend”  of creativity present in the LA community: “There are so many amazingly talented artists out there, providing a platform where everyone has a chance to have their work displayed is something to celebrate, and so I encourage all skill levels to submit, all mediums are accepted, the more creative and unique the better. It’s a chance to stand out as an artist and really show the culture of LA and the passion one has for our home team.”

As for any tips for aspiring artists who want to win the VIP experience, Sandoval gives an insight into her own aesthetic visualization for the Rams: “When I think of the Rams I think of an actual ram with the horns, and the charge and fierceness that comes with it. I can envision the same with the players running across the field to score that touchdown.”

If you want to enter the “Mi Ciudad, Mi Equipo, Mis Rams” contest, you have until August 21st.