If you weren’t lucky enough to have been plucked from the audience at Disneyland so that you could pledge your undying loyalty to Darth Vader – like 8-year-old Sariah Vallego who bowed to the Sith Lord at the Jedi Academy in 2011 – then you can at least turn to the dark side (or to the light side) and use a churro as your elegant weapon of choice. According to Eater Los Angeles, Around May 4 – aka the unofficial Star Wars holiday – Disneyland unveiled sprinkle-dusted lightsaber churros that come in red and blue. A churro stall will sell the tasty treats until the end of May.

Initially, the churros came with lightsaber sleeves, but they now only come wrapped in parchment paper. According to Eater, the churros also aren’t topped with cinnamon. But if that’s not a deal breaker, you can pick them up at the Tomorrowland cart outside Star Tours for $4.50 a lightsaber churro.