Humberly González

INTERVIEW: Rising Star Humberly González on Putting Venezuela at the Forefront

Credit: Kristina Ruddick

Humberly González is no stranger to breaking barriers. The Venezuelan actress, whose first big role came in the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia, is best known for starring in Hallmark’s first lesbian holiday romance, Friends & Family Christmas. Now, González is turning to horror.

The actress talked to Remezcla about her lesbian holiday romance, her new movie Tarot, getting to play both love stories and horror, whether she enjoys the horror genre and her Venezuelan roots. And González made it clear that to her “it means a lot to play characters that resonate with audiences and they see themselves mirrored back to themselves,” like the one she played in Friends & Family Christmas.

“I definitely needed that when I was growing up, so it’s an opportunity for me to show up and do that for the community,” González added.

As for her new horror movie, Tarot, González confessed she is a horror fan. “I’m one of those people who will watch a scary movie every day, alone in the dark and it’s comforting.” In a way, she’s daring the movie to scare her. And if it does, “I’ll play Spongebob Squarepants right after.”

The actress feels that horror “bonds people together. It’s a very vulnerable thing which is why watching it together is also fun. I think it makes you feel alive because your heart is racing and you’re at the edge of your seat, so it makes you feel something. Different from watching a romantic comedy where you’re crying and laughing, but I think has its own very unique emotions that people kinda crave and it’s exhilarating.”

González, confessed she is guilty of being just like her character in the movie, very much into social media. Though she did say, “It could save your life one day!” No spoilers for Tarot, but González feels like in real life, she could be the one to say, “Guys, I solved everything because I recorded our entire last three days together.”

The actress, who is from Venezuela, also spoke about having to balance the two sides of herself and told us that “being an immigrant and feeling like I have two separate lives was a struggle in my work, especially being bilingual, having spoken only Spanish for half my life and then speaking English, how do you marry the two identities, is there a form of assimilation? I feel like I did a bit of that and then I started to find my voice again and being like no, this is what makes me unique, my character traits, my culture, my music, my food.”

All of that leads to one place, that González has tried to elevate in her projects. “I always put Venezuela at the forefront. A lot of the projects that I’ve been a part of, I talk to the creatives, I talk to people about my culture, about my language, and they more often than not want to include it and change it to be that.”

Now, she’ll be going back home and getting the experience of sharing her new movie with her family. “My family in Venezuela is going to watch Tarot. My brother messaged me, and my aunts and uncles. It’s such a cool thing to have moved from there and now I’m doing a movie somewhere else in the world and they get to watch it in the movie theater. That is probably my most proud moment being a part of this film. How many people it’s going to reach and they’re going to watch all over the world.”

If you’re looking to learn more about Humberly González, make sure to check her out as the voice of Kay Vess in the video game Star Wars Outlaws on August 30th. She’s also set to star in Star Trek: Section 31, which also stars the iconic Michelle Yeoh. Until then, make sure to check out Tarot in theaters now.