As Halloween approaches every October, people from all walks of life start planning their costume ideas, in anticipation of their transformations on October 31st. Athletes are not exempt from that excitement, and often they come through with some of the most memorable costumes.

There’s something special about seeing the guys that you always watch being serious and competitive show their lighter side, and with the help of Instagram, those costumes get circulated much faster and widely than ever before. So, in the spirit of the spookiest holiday of them all, we collected the best athlete costumes from 2017, because even the biggest stars in the world of sports step into new personas on Halloween.

Neymar as the Joker


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Dani Alves

My bro @danialves

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Paris Saint-Germain

Friends for Halloween

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Kiké Hernandez as Chewbacca

Giancarlo Stanton as Popeye and a Bee Gee

Stayin Alive

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Carmelo Anthony as the Night King

Night King Winter Is Coming!!!! @kwebimageinc @anitramichelle @shineblackhawk #StayMe7o

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Gisel & Tom Brady as Avocado Toast

I just can’t resist an avocado !! #happyhaloween Não consigo resistir a um abacate!

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Alex Rodriguez as Captain America

Robin Lopez as Louise from Bob's Burgers

Victor Ulloa & Co.

Halloween weekend with the crew‼️ #joker

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