Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s burgeoning romance has been publicly blossoming throughout 2017, and nowhere is their collective dorkiness on display more clearly than in their adorable Instagram workout videos. The couple has been on a tear this summer, sharing their quest for #GAINZ via gym compilations set to the silliest music you can think of.

The most recent clip, posted on Wednesday, has the It Couple doing synchronized push-ups and medicine ball workouts to Biggie’s “Hypnotize”:

Comeback!!! Oops…maybe not #VegasPrep #Trufusion #NYC @jlo @davidkirsch

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Check out J. Lo’s smile during the push-ups; that’s the face of both a happy girlfriend and someone who realizes how cute this whole thing is. But that’s not it! Earlier this week, we were blessed with this gem:

Another day at @ufcgymkendall #UFCGym #TrainDifferent @jlo @jasonfigorski

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That’s Jenny from the Block and A-Rod working out to the sweet sounds of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On a Prayer.” On a related noted, J. Lo’s boxing skills look like they could compare to Conor McGregor’s. Finally, we have the clip that appears to have started it all back on July 19, featuring A-Rod pumping iron while J. Lo cheers him on, to the sounds of Kenny Chesney and John Mellancamp’s ode to small towns…err, “Small Town.”

Lopez and Rodriguez have been dating since February of this year, and like any new couple, they’re all over each other’s Instagrams, showing the world their newfound love. In between promoting their various business ventures–the UFC Gym featured in the videos is owned by A-Rod–you can catch the pair showing off their looks, hyping each other up, and generally being hot:

Happy Sunday! #downtime (: Ana Carballosa/@lacarba)

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