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Donald Trump Dismisses Latina Journalist: "I Know You're Not Thinking. You Never Do."

At United Nations, Bolivian President Evo Morales Says US "Does Not Care for Human Rights"

AMLO Rejects Trump's $20M Offer To Deport Immigrants From Mexico

Donald Trump Refuses to Believe That the Post-María Death Toll Is 3,000

As Trump Stumps for Ted Cruz in Texas, This Billboard Will Remind Voters of the President's Anti-Cruz Past

Mollie Tibbetts' Dad Apologizes To Latinos After Trump Jr. Vilifies Undocumented Immigrants

Alex Anwandter Teases First Single in 2 Years With Trump’s Infamous Presidential Bid Speech

Trump's Executive Order to End Family Separation Isn't a Victory

What Two Honduran Women Traveling in the Caravan Would Like Trump to Know

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