feminist art Articles

November 27, 2017

Meet Emerald Pellot, the Afro Latina Making Kitschy, Feminist Art for Powerful Women

May 4, 2016

Meet Crystal Galindo, the Painter Celebrating Chicanas, Chingonas, and Cholas

April 22, 2016

This Crafty Chingona is Giving Classic Bordado Techniques a Modern, Pro-Mujer Twist

March 18, 2016

Instagram to Follow: The Latina Artists of Colectiva Cósmica

November 3, 2015

Making Art in Chicago's Barrios: Meet South-side All-Female Collective Las Artelitas

October 30, 2015

After Anti-Domestic Violence Mural is Vandalized, Puerto Rican Women Fight Back

January 30, 2015

Support Your Local Girl Gang: Electric Pussy, an Art Community/Platform for Girls by Girls