Todos Together

#TodosTogether is a call to unite all Latino grassroots efforts to help our community. Using this platform, we will put a spotlight on the people and community organizations who are taking action to make social change – organizing relief efforts for natural disasters, fighting for civil rights, pushing for environmental policy changes, and more.

If you’re working to make a difference, you can use the #TodosTogether hashtag to get the word out about your initiative. And if you’re looking for ways to take action, you can use it to find Latino grassroots efforts all over the diaspora.

Through #TodosTogether we will also be keeping track of the results of these efforts and featuring stories about their impact. We want to send a message about the influence of our united communities to the governments and corporations that say they want to help and serve us.

At Remezcla we have always known that there is tremendous power when Latinos all over the diaspora come together. No matter how small or big your efforts are, it is in aggregate that they can create world-changing movements.

Events and Venue: We will also be offering Remezcla’s NYC event space to relief efforts for Mexico and the Caribbean. Please send all inquiries and events to [email protected].