Back in September, Nuyorican MC Princess Nokia announced an independent disaster relief fund aimed at supporting Puerto Rico’s recovery from the devastating aftermath of Hurricane María. Joining many of the musicians and celebrities who launched initiatives, today, Nokia announced the results of the crowdfunding campaign on Instagram. The rapper, born Destiny Frasqueri, raised a total of $15,000 for seven community organizations, which include Tainas Unidas, the Maria Fund, Resilient Power P.R., Fondoder Resiliencia PR, Finca Concencia de Vieques, UPROSE Brooklyn, and Colectiva Feminista PR. Each organization will be receiving a $3,000 donation.

In the post, Nokia explains that the remaining $1,000 donation will fund her to-be-announced volunteer trip to Puerto Rico, “for access to reliable resources and direct community donating.” Nokia has proudly celebrated her Boricua roots since the inception of her career, so a volunteer trip seems like a natural evolution – though her Puerto Rico-based fans are still eagerly awaiting her island debut.

Though the crowdfunding campaign didn’t meet Nokia’s initial goal of $100,000, the $15,000 gift is a necessary first step towards rebuilding the island.

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Today is a great day ! Because of all the wonderful donation and contributions made to my Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico, I am sending a total of $15,000 to 7 community approved non profit organizations that are doing wonderful ground work for the efforts of disaster relief and the people of Puerto Rico! The additional $1000 from the gross donation will be used towards my volunteer trip in Puerto Rico for access to reliable resources and direct community donating The following organizations that will be receiving these donation are: ____________________________________ 1. Taina Unidas ____________________________________ 2. Maria Fund ____________________________________ 3. Resilliant Power P.R ____________________________________ 4. Fondoder Resilincia PR ____________________________________ 5. Finca Concencia De Vieques ____________________________________ 6. UPROSE Brooklyn ____________________________________ 7. Collectiva Feminista PR ____________________________________ If you would like to personally donate to any of hear organizations and help the rebuilding of PUERTO RICO our island of Boriken please follow click the following links to and pages to learn how to contribute!

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