I Tried Beyoncé’s Hair Brand — & This Product Is Comparable to Dominican Tratamiento

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s latest venture into the beauty industry, Cécred, has been making waves since its launch in February. Promising to honor global hair traditions while delivering “what hair craves,” the brand launched with the Foundation Collection, which boasts eight products designed to cleanse, condition, and repair hair. 

As a beauty enthusiast who believes in thoroughly testing products with enough time before sharing her thoughts, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Cécred’s inaugural offerings since its launch. Don’t fret — I won’t be keeping my impressions to myself as I’ve decided to walk you through all the products I’ve tried and share my thoughts on them. 

First impressions matter, and Cécred certainly delivers in the aesthetics department. The packaging is not only visually stunning but also surprisingly lightweight — the stone-appearing packaging can make you assume otherwise — making it a luxurious addition to any shower routine.

Starting with the Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub, while effective, was the least standout product from the collection for me. I find that it’s comparable to other clarifying formulas on the market, and for $38, I couldn’t say I’d strongly recommend the purchase. However, from the cleansing products, the Hydrating Shampoo has left an impression on me. Not only is it impressively hydrating, but it also holds an excellent lather and features hyaluronic acid, a reminder that scalp care is skin care. 

The true star of the collection — and one that I will keep in stock — is the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. When I say it’s comparable to the coveted Dominican tratamientos found in salons, I mean it, and I’ve relied on tratamientos my entire life. So, know that in me comparing makes this legit. Taking it back to the first time I tried it, I left the conditioner on for about 25 minutes and once rinsed out, I saw immediate moisture in my curls. There was a bounce-back to my curls that I didn’t expect after just one use. I have this conditioner in my current rotation, and it’s a must-have for anyone seeking intense hydration and restoration.

While the Reconstructing Treatment Mask didn’t impress me at first, following the recommended application method — cover your hair with a plastic cap and add heat with a hooded dryer, steamer, or warm towel — revealed its true potential. When paired with heat, it acts as a hydrating palette cleanser for my hair, proving its effectiveness in repairing damage.

The Moisture Sealing Lotion delivers similar moisturizing benefits as the rest of the line. However, it isn’t distinguishable enough for me from other products on the market and provides little definition. However, I’m eager to test its performance as a heat protectant when I straighten my hair. 

The last product I tried, another standout, was the Nourishing Hair Oil. It’s been ideal for fluffing out my curls once they’re dry and adding shine without weighing down the hair. Most oils tend to weigh down my curls and so, I’ve enjoyed having this lightweight formula in my hair routine. 

I didn’t try the Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual because I felt like I didn’t need it, and I’m also not a fan of a multi-step process that requires me to be a mad scientist for even a second—but I would recommend people look into it if they are seeking a hard hair reset. 

While not every product may have hit the mark for me personally, there were certainly standout gems that have earned a permanent place in my haircare rotation. As Cécred continues to evolve and expand its offerings, I eagerly anticipate the innovation and quality that Beyoncé’s name is synonymous with. For now, if you want to try any one product, I’d say go for the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner or Nourishing Hair Oil — my two leading formula picks in the brand’s commendable entry into the hair industry. 

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