This 4-Year-Old Requested a Bread-Themed Birthday Party Because He Just Really Loves Conchas

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Kids, when given the room to tap into their creativity, will surprise and/or entertain us. Think back to children who have dressed themselves, and try to argue that the results aren’t delightful. The same thing goes for birthday party themes. Given the chance, kids will make a birthday party out of just about anything, including food items. One 4-year-old recently had a concha-themed party, and people are absolutely charmed.

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His tía, Fer Barrera, shared a few images on July 3 from the party. The young boy wore a concha costume and posed with his concha piñata. His round cake featured chocolate frosting piped to mimic the sweet treat’s shell-like sugary exterior. The tweet went wildly viral, so Fer has offered up a few answers since then. In an image of a text message with her  cousin – her nephew’s mom – she asked how the concha party happened. “Well, what can I say. I asked him, ‘What party theme do you want?’ And he told me, ‘Bread.’ And I said, ‘Bread?’ [He said,] ‘Yes, conchas.’”

Though his cake featured a Spider-Man figurine, the party was all about conchas. The young boy even sang a bread-themed song.