Abraham Quintanilla Talks about New Book and Why It Took So Long to Write

Lead Photo: Photo by Danny Bollinger/WireImage
Photo by Danny Bollinger/WireImage
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The Quintanilla family has worked tirelessly to maintain and expand Selena’s legacy. For decades, fans have stayed committed to the Tejano music icon and her fame has only grown more in recent years. Selena fans have seen their star get a M.A.C. cosmetic line, a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, and a Netflix series showing us a side of Selena we haven’t seen before.

Through it all, Abraham and the rest of the Quintanilla family have been aware of the public’s perception. Despite the constant chatter surrounding them, Abraham has maintained that everything they do is to promote his daughter and her legacy. This is why he finally wrote his book A Father’s Dream: My Family’s Journey in Music.

Abraham spoke with 3News about the book and why it took so long for him to put pen to paper and make the book a reality. In the interview, Abraham admits that he wanted to write the book after his daughter’s death but didn’t want people to jump to conclusions.

“I didn’t want to do it at the time because I thought that people, right away, would jump to the conclusion that I’m just trying to make money off of her,” Abraham told 3News. “So, time went by and of course time waits for nobody.”

Abraham’s book tells his story of finding his wife and their love story including the birth of their three children; A.B., Suzette, and Selena. Abraham also spoke about his dream to be a mainstream musician with his band Los Dinos. 

Abraham’s book, A Father’s Dream: My Family’s Journey in Music is available now.