You Will Soon Be Able to Buy an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Action Figure

Lead Photo: Still from 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Be The First Latina to Represent Her District in Congress' by Remezcla
Still from 'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Be The First Latina to Represent Her District in Congress' by Remezcla
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a documentary, an alphabet book, a comic and several books in the works about her life. Come February 2020, she’ll also be able to add an action figure to that list.

FCTRY, a product design studio in Brooklyn, New York, has teamed up with Seattle-based artist and activist Mike Leavitt to bring their AOC design to doll life. On Tuesday, the pair launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the figurine and have already doubled their goal of $15,000.

“We’ve got a pretty good track record of spotting real-life heroes in the making,” the duo said in the campaign description. “And from where we sit, AOC has the makings of a legend.”

At age 29, the Bronx-born Puerto Rican bartender-turned-politician made history as the youngest person elected to U.S. Congress. Since taking office in January, she has been one of the most progressive voices in the Democratic Party, bringing her both criticism and praise.

“Whether you’re a child or an adult,” the pair wrote, “we all need to connect to heroes who inspire us in a way that feels attainable.”

The AOC doll will live in a collection called Real Life Action Figures. Other people whose image and liking now lives in figurine form include Pope Francis, former President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and, *checks notes*, Robert Mueller.

When the project is funded, Leavitt and FCTRY plan to work with the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group taking political action against climate change that Ocasio-Cortez supports and has collaborated with in the past. It remains unclear in what capacity they’ll be partnering or how much, if any, of the proceeds will be donated to the group. In the past, FCTRY’s crowdfunded action figures have supported the nonprofit She’s The First, putting 11 girls through a year of school, as well as Border Angels and the ACLU.

Once added to their online catalog, the AOC action figure will retail at $20.